Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 15, 2018


April was cold.  On May 14, I took the car to get the snow tires swapped out for the warmer-weather tires.

Please.  Please, please.  Given everything that's going on, couldn't we please have Hero Wheels instead of this???

I continued my day on the "deal with mechanical-type stuff" plan.

Dear Corporate America:

I bet that sometimes there is a good reason for using some other fastener than a plain blade screw. 

You are going to have a very hard time convincing me that the little screw that is supposed to keep the handle on my kitchen sink faucet is one of those applications. 

Every time you make me go to the hardware store for a }#%%} special-use tool, just to tighten a simple screw, I hate it.  And I bear grudges. 

Thought you ought to know. 

Love, me.

At least this special tool only cost $.65.  (And, yes, we have a bunch of hex keys already, but I couldn't find them..........  I found them many days later when looking for something else......  The one I bought especially for the kitchen faucet is now taped to the inside of the sink's cupboard door.  With a label.)

Zingerman's Bakehouse Irish soda bread.  Yum, yum.  They only make it for St. Paddy's Day.  And maybe once or twice at random times when they feel like it.  I have some in my freezer.....  It's mostly oats, and is really good toasted.  Mmmmmm.

Wish I'd been high enough to see this sunset unobstructed.


Crab apple.

Sky still pretty fancy several minutes after the shots taken above.


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