Thursday, June 07, 2018

June 2, 2018


I wore orange on June 2, in support of more restrictions on guns.

Iris in the beautiful garden at the end of my old block.



Here's what happens when the petals fall off.

And here's what they look like after the stamens are gone, too.

The beautiful garden's gardener owned and ran a shoe-repair business downtown for many years.

This big shoe hung in the front window of the shoe-repair business, with blankets underneath for the gardener (and shoe-repairer)'s series of cute little fuzzy dogs.  I love that this shoe is hanging over her porch now.  :-)

Mock orange.

Excellent bookends at Found in Kerrytown.

Zinnias at the farmers' market.

I pick up trash when I walk.  Teeny ziplocks are not that unusual, but I've never seen another with penguins on it.  Nor any other keyboard keys.

Nor any dollar-bill scraps.  These two were within a couple of yards of each other.  I looked for more, but didn't see any.  I wonder what their story is........

Let's call this one Fragments.  With ant.

The red thing is a shard from a broken paving brick from 5th Ave.  Not trash, exactly, but a souvenir, I guess.

Rhubarb.  Some might thing I got carried away.  But I don't think so.


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