Wednesday, July 18, 2018

July 7, 2018


Everything I've planted this year. One (1) petunia, and three (3) basils.  (That thyme behind the basil is a perennial and was planted several years ago.)

These guys are happy.

The beautiful garden at the other end of my old block.  So nice.......



Day lily.

Lilies, phlox, coneflowers.

Day lilies in the sunshine.



Closer to the farmers' market -- I think of this as "the peppermint coneflower."  the petals are white underneath and red on top. 

When a flower is new, each petal is curled so that the white surrounds the red.  As the flower matures, we see less white and more red.

In the same garden as the peppermint coneflower.  Gaillardia.

Love those starburst things in the middle, and the curvy pointy things at the bases of the flowers.

Working on 5th Ave. and Detroit Street..............

Urban chicory.

Time for elevenses.  So many choices -- and all of this is just a small fraction of the sweets Zingerman's Bakehouse makes.

Now we're getting to my favorites.  I've never had a better pecan sticky bun than these.  Mmmmmm.....

Stars mark the cherry pie.  Mmmmmmmm.......

The current scones are good, and the country scones are one of my faves.

On July 7, I had cheesecake.  Mmmmmm........   My better half had a Toni's Come Undone -- sourdough with really good chocolate.  Those are good, too.

A present from Dubrovnik.

Ice at the end of our stay at the Deli.


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