Thursday, July 05, 2018

June 25, 2018


Raspberries in a neighbor's yard.  These are dark purple when ripe.

Service berries.  I don't eat other people's raspberries.  But there are so many service berries on a tree that the ground is often littered with berries.  I eat a few from each tree as I walk.  (They are seedy and not delicious, but I figure they offer a variety of nutrients that is not duplicated by other things I eat.)

As with the raspberries above, the dark purple ones are the ripe ones.


Incipient coneflower.

A broader view of the milkweed we've looked at in previous posts.

Full moon.  The phone camera does a pretty good job with closeups, but sucks at focusing in on something in the distance.

Linden tree flowers.  They smell lovely.  If I were planting a tree, I'd want a linden.

Milkweed in another location.  There is more milkweed in my vicinity than I remember from other years.  This is the most purple of the lot.


Didn't notice this camouflaged individual until I got this up on on the big screen and zoomed in......


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