Friday, January 02, 2009

Wilbur's new career


We are always telling Wilbur what a sad life he has. People messing with his toes, the sun moving away from his comfy spot, you name it, he has suffered it.

It was suggested that all of this suffering should be fodder for a new career in rap music.

Tragically, he has no grill. No bling. But the pain, yes, that he has. The cruel treatment at the hands of the Man.

Or the Man's daughter........

Practicing dance moves for his new career.

Will the ignominy never stop?

Can't look.

Really can't look.

Maybe if I look reallllly cute the abuse will stop.

Sadly, even extreme cute does not stop the heartless manipulation of his tootsies.

It is pointed out that if he's to have a successful career in rap, he needs a tougher look.

This can be arranged. The image consultant makes an adjustment to his visage.

There. Much scarier, eh?

Unfortunately, scary doesn't work any better than cute at stopping the brutality.

There is sound; we had to turn the volume up when we watched this.

Perhaps not the correct music for rappish inspiration. Dad's taste is so last millenium...........

I had thought this post was finished.

Then my daughter came back from Target with this.

We had to remind him about looking tough.

I am not sure he is angry enough for this particular career path.

Sometimes even a thug just needs to hang with his mama.

"She knows where the cupboard is with all the yummy chow.
You had best not hate on her, or I'll bust you on the brow!"

Everyone besides me probably knew that dog shirts come on hangers with little bones showing the sizes....................

Tee hee.



Kady Cannon said...

Poor abused corgle.

Anonymous said...

I just put in am emergency call to PETA...

The dance moves put me in mind of the Charlie Chaplin/ Johnny Depp "Roll Dance".

I need orange said...

His life is *very* sad...........

Love Chaplin vs. Depp. No contest, though, Charlie wins............

He was a genius..............

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Johnny Depp, you are correct about that piece. Chaplin was a genius.

The nuance in Chaplin's routine is matched only in Wilbur's front leg action.

I need orange said...

:-) lol........

I'll convey your (very high) praise to the puppeteer.