Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 16


Taken from the study window, in the morning when the light is bright and coming from the east.  Tulip tree, with maple in the background.

There is a significant blurry place, right of center, as the window pane is cracked, and the lighting is not nearly as dramatic as it really was.

Let's jazz up the contrast, and the saturation.....

Now let's watercolor it.  I like this much better than the original.

When I watercolor the images I often first resize them to a smaller size (1200 pixels in width, often).  That makes the effect of the watercoloring much more dramatic.  I did resize this image before watercoloring.

This one, too, kinda blurry.....

I think this is more interesting than the original.  Again, saturation and contrast increased, and then it was resized and watercolored.

Blue sky and clouds.....

Tulip tree, against a maple.

Much later in the day.  Walking.

The light on/in the drops caught my eye.

Love this little maple tree, especially with the yellow background.

I've picked up a several of these leafy twigs, all from the same place.  I suspect a squirrel is chopping off twigs to get at the seeds.


Baby oak.

Blue sky with excellent clouds.

This was so dark that I had to do a lot to it to get it to this stage.  I wish the clouds looked more like they actually looked.  You can get an idea, but............

Maple leaves, past and present.


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