Monday, November 19, 2012

November 14


Morning sky, from the dentist's parking lot.

Walking to catch the bus, after having my teeth cleaned.

Bradford pear.

Walking Wilbur, after I got home from the dentist.

This is the best Bradford pear I've seen.  Most of them are partly (or mostly) bare, or mostly green, with just a few branches of red leaves.  This one is red (and yellow) all over.

Autumn clematis seed heads.

Love the curls and the fuzz........

A few steps beyond the clematis, picking up after Wilbur I heard the sound of squirrel teeth on a walnut shell.  Black walnut shells are much harder than English walnut shells.

I'm pleased with how sharp and clear its little hands are.

A determined chrysanthemum, still blooming after many nights with temps in the 20s (F).

Walking to yoga.  Still light enough  at 5:25-ish to go through West Park.

Seriously love those huge old oaks.

I don't often think to look behind me when I am walking, but on the 14th, I did....

West Park is in a bowl of land.  The edges of the park are much higher than the main park, on the north, west, and south.  This is looking west.

The color of the sky was changing by the moment.

Walking on east, toward yoga.  See the ice on the pond?  that hazy area near the top of the pic is ice.  It was winter-jacket-unzipped comfortable, at 5:30-ish.  I was surprised to see ice, but it was there.


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