Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday morning tea, part 2


Let's try something else, with the same original......

I wanted to try layers, and blending modes, and decided to mess with the same pic, changing it, and using the changed image with the original one.

The first thing I tried that I thought might be interesting was the "emboss" filter.  It looks almost like the cup was scratched out of flat layer of plaster.....

I layered the "embossed" one, above, over the original, and used the "color blend" filter.  (I probably messed with the saturation, too.)

Then, I poster-edged that.  Liking the texture in the glass......

Then I layered the above over the original, and tried a lot of different blending modes.

This is the "vivid light" blending mode.

I really like the color, and I like all the texture in the glass that has been added.

I liked the original, but I like this much better!


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