Wednesday, March 06, 2013

February 26


Winter storm Rocky arrived in Michigan on February 26, but not until noon-ish.

This is 8:20 am.

They said we'd start getting the storm at 2 or 3 pm, but maybe they meant that was when it would start to get icky.  Reality was that it started raining at noon.

At 4 pm I took this pic of the neighbor moving her son's car into their driveway, and that's when I noticed the ice in the trees..........  Note the ice on the higher branches, but not the lower ones.....

At 5 pm it was snowing.

At 5:20 it was snowing harder.

At 6 pm it was sticking to everything.

Looking out the back window at 6:10.

Same as above, posteredged.

Same, with colored-pencil filter.  (As always, click on an image to embiggen.)

Same, with poster-edges.

Same with watercolor filter.

I had thought I'd walk the dog before the storm started, but the rain, beginning at noon, threw me off.  Wilbur hates rain (especially cold rain).  We waited until it turned to snow, and walked late the afternoon.

It was GORGEOUS out.  I didn't take the camera, because it was snowing, but my, my.  So pretty.........

I walked me after he and I moseyed around the block.  I'm sure it just got prettier and prettier, but it also got darker and darker, so it was harder to see............


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