Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 22


Hooray for sunshine, after a slew of cloudy windy cold days!

Do you ever wonder what your spouse does, away all day at work?

We finally have enough hardware at home that mine can work from home part of the time, and now I know!

He takes video of his watch!

Cool, huh?

Of course he's not just taking the video -- he displays it on the screen, and records it, and plays it back..............  And all of that is a LOT more complicated than you might think.

It's interesting, learning more about what he does, and what you need to know (and figure out) to do what he does.....



paris parfait said...

So glad you're getting sunshine at last! We've had two days of it, but the temps are still freezing and we've been told to expect cold temps through April! Happy Easter to you and yours!

I need orange said...

It's still pretty chilly here, too.

Thanks for the Easter wishes -- I wish the same to you and yours!