Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 9, the rest of the day


We hung two loads of wash out, on the 9th.

This was growing in the laundry area.  !!!

I'm not sure I've seen a bigger backyard mushroom.  (I've seen bigger puffballs, but not in a backyard.  Come to think of it, I haven't seen a puffball since I was a kid.  What's up with that?)

To the naked eye the white areas look uniform, but with the slow magnifying glass of the camera's macro focus, we can see they are made of strings........

I have heard of dogs poisoning themselves, eating back-yard mushrooms.  Willard has never evinced any interest, but I don't take chances.  I pull them and discard them safely where he can't get them.

Knocked over.

I was thinking -- wouldn't it be nice to know which mushrooms are ok, and which aren't?  I believe some are ok to eat, but not tasty.  It would be cool to know which ones are ok *and* tasty.

I was thinking -- I am not *afraid* of berries, the same way I am afraid of mushrooms.  I have picked and eaten wild raspberries.  I am sure that's what they are; I have eaten them without concern (except for the mosquitoes which seem to haunt them!).  I know there are poison berries, and I even know some that I know are poisonous (pokeberries).  I don't eat unknown berries, but I'm not afraid to identify wild raspberries and eat them.

I wonder -- is it my sheer lack of knowledge of mushrooms that makes them seem scary?  Is it my lack of knowledge that makes the goodness (or not!) of mushrooms seem unknowable?

I know that I often take what I know for granted, and assume that "of course everyone knows that!"

Wondering now if what I don't know seems scary and unknowable, when in reality it is just ... unknown...........

Maybe I'll take a mushroom id class from someone local, one day.

My daughter and I went out for supper, at the restaurant that is part of the community of businesses for which she works.

I've been trying for a delicious vegetarian dish there, and finally found one.  This is farro (a member of the wheat family).  (Don't you think it's odd that the only grain we generally eat as a whole grain is rice?  I do.  I want to branch out and eat more of the many whole grains that are available to us.  Wheat.  Quinoa.  Amaranth.....)

There's lots of basil in this.  It's yummy.

My daughter had lamb sausage, roasted in peppers.  Also yummy.

One of the founders of the whole congolmerate of businesses often works at the restaurant in the evenings.  He came over and talked to my daughter (who has been taking a workshop with him as part of the company's employee education).  He introduced her to our server, and then, later, the manager of the restaurant came and introduced herself to my daughter.

I was eating with a celebrity.....................

The restaurant is in a shopping center.  Look what we found when we came out!

What an interesting day, no?

And I forgot to tell you about the itsy bitsy spider I saw during the afternoon.  It floated down from the ceiling, between me and the computer monitor.  At first I thought it was dust, it was so small, but then I saw its itsy bitsy teeny weeny legs..........  I think that was the smallest spider I've ever seen.  At least -- the smallest I've ever seen and recognized as a spider, as opposed to not realizing I was looking at a spider.

A very interesting day!  From archaeology, to a minuscule arachnid, to an enormous mushroom, to farro, to a spectacular sunset.  And people wonder what they'll do, after they retire......


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