Tuesday, August 13, 2013

puffin colony restored to Maine


In the 1800s, people destroyed the seabird colonies on Egg Island.

In the 1980s, people enticed puffins and terns to return to the island  How cool is that!

Nearly every day I click through the "Click here to give, it's free!" button with the kitten on it -- in the sidebar on the right. My clicks on pages in that cluster of related sites trigger donations by sponsors. I click for several of the sites, nearly every day. I start with the animals and the rainforest..... Today, when I got to the rainforest part of the site I saw a link for the video above.

We humans have destroyed (and are destroying) so much of our beautiful planet. I was glad to see an example of something good we have done!


penni said...

Wonderful puffin video! Thank you so much for posting it.

I need orange said...

You are most welcome. Isn't it great? I'm so glad there are more puffins in the world........... :-)

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it. :-)