Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 19


Sunrise over suburbia.

Comfy on the cowshe, in the sunshine.

It was his right hind, between us and his left hind, that caught my eye.........

Later again.  You couldn't get him to pose this way if you tried.........

He very often has his wrists cocked at this angle.  Why he doesn't get carpal beagle syndrome, I don't know.

This is the only time I've seen him resting his chin on an up-in-the-air cocked wrist.

I'd hoped the sparkles in the snow would show up in some previous snow pics, but they didn't, so this is my attempt to show how sparkly the snow was.

It was a gorgeous day.  No wind, and sunny, and temps not too low -- I walked downtown to have lunch with my buddies, and I had my coat off before I got there.  Beautiful!

Hmm.  Like the frost on my windows, the icicles are pretty, and are a sign of bad things (inadequate insulation, for one).....

There is a weird little "park" that is in our neighborhood.  It includes a woodsy ravine, and a strip of path right next to the blue house below.  We lived in this neighborhood for years before we realized this path was public land (it can't be 10 feet from the side of this house).  Now I walk on it regularly, when I'm bound for downtown (or for yoga).  Unless it's too muddy........

This house is undergoing a serious enlargement.  It will nearly double in size, I think, once they build on top of this new basement.

Looking east over West Park.

We ate at Jerusalem Garden.  Mmmmm, felafel!  We strolled a little, and then I left my buddies at work.

I strolled some more, and did a little light retailing, while enjoying the window painting.  This is Cherry Republic.

This is BD's Mongolian Barbecue.

Walking on home.  Painting of a different kind, under a railroad bridge.........

Walking back home through West Park.  Cattails.

Walking the dog.


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