Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 14


The sky was orange, straight east, at 7:45 am. 

Today the University put on a shindig to honor and thank our current president, Mary Sue Coleman, who is retiring soon.  As far as I know, Mary Sue has done a fine job, and I planned to walk downtown and attend the festivities. 

However.  Walking south on my block, some )#($^% in a pickup truck splashed me.  He was going way too fast, and certainly wasn't paying any attention to me, and how much slush there was in the road, and what was going to happen to me as he went zooming by.  Dirtbag.

If I could do magic, he'd have found himself with a gallon of slush in his pants.  Right then, and every time he has a salacious thought.  For at least the next month and a half.  Maybe longer.

Then I walked on (with wet pants myownself, though not as wet as I wish on him), to the end of my block.

Where I discovered that the intersection was a lake of slush.  I decided that it wasn't "a nice day" for walking downtown, and turned around and went home.

If you didn't need to keep going in a direction that was blocked by too much slush, it was a nice day.  High 40s.  Not too windy.

Me, and Burt, and Lord Peter -- we went for a stroll.

We went all the way around the block.  There were some small lakes, but it was possible to walk beside them, in the snow.  I'm still not really believing it's ever going to be so warm that there is no snow anywhere, nor that the sidewalks will ever be dry.

The sky was cool -- blue with a few clouds, but the camera batteries died.  I had spares, but didn't want to chance dropping anything, with the ground so wet.  So -- if you like, you could imagine an excellent sky overhead.

That was 2:30; this was 4:30.  It takes a long time for this much snow to melt, even when the temps are well above freezing.

Grateful for the slow melt. 


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