Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 15


Going to the co-op for local eggs.  If I'd admired the top of this building before, I've forgotten......

Excellent architectural embellishments.

And stained glass behind one window.

Zingerman's Next Door for breakfast.  This is a (delicious) bostok.

How weird that Blogger "helpfully" lightened the pic above, but not the next one.

Blogger, I hate that you lighten my pics without giving me a choice, if you are listening......  Nobody wants to see all the imperfections on the table top, and that's the only thing you "helped" us see better.......................................

This is a (delicious) cheddar scone, with tea that I didn't let steep long enough, because I wanted to get my pic so I could eat!

My better half was off playing bridge all day.  I went to the library and the bread&milk grocery by myself, which doesn't usually happen.

That's two weird Saturdays in a row -- the previous week I did a yoga make-up, and he needed to go to the bank, so he went to the library without me (as I would get home after the bank closed).

Oak leaf on the library parking lot.  I didn't change the color in any of the pics in this post -- the camera and I remembered the same color.

Bouquets at Busch's.

I don't remember seeing these chartreuse and purple mums before.  Striking!

Lots of different dark pinks and purples in the bouquets on the 15th.

I don't think I'd seen pinky-purple callas before.

Walking.  Mostly dry pavement, hallelujah.  I can get a much better walk when I don't have to wonder whether my next step is the one that will result in me feet flying out from under me.


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