Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 21


It was reasonably warm on the 21st, but not "just a fleece jacket" warm.  I had a windbreaker over the fleece.

This passage of Murder Must Advertise elucidates a way working in advertising ruins a person's finer feelings.  Asking perfect strangers all of these intrusive and impertinent questions.....  It always makes me snigger.

More grass is exposed, but there's still plenty of snow.

Here my helpful model is giving an idea just how much snow....

This next image illustrates several things about our walks.  There is less snow in some places.  There are still too many lakes on the sidewalk (we went in the street to avoid the one at the top of this image, which has ice on both sides). 

It also shows why I am glad to have a book with me.  Most of the time on our walks is spent like this, with me a leash-length ahead of him.  Mostly we move at a snail's pace, and sometimes we stop dead, when the scents are particularly interesting.

Snow, snow, snow.

Turning just a bit to the right of the above.  Look at the cute little trailer!  I've never noticed it before.  I wonder if I just haven't noticed, or if it is new, or if it is just visiting.

I would love to see the inside......  I've seen pics of lots of these cute little trailers with really appealing and interesting updated interiors.....

I dropped Willard at home and now am walking me, pretty much straight west.  Note that the north side of the street (which gets more south light) has *way* less snow than the south side of the street, which is more shaded (given the sun is not as high in the sky as it will be in June).

Isn't it amazing that something almost 93,000,000 miles from here has such an enormous impact on ... absolutely everything?



thecrazysheeplady said...

I think it's so nice that you let your walks take the turns they need and go as slow as he wants :-).

I need orange said...

Thanks. :-)

I wasn't so tolerant when he was younger. Of course, when he was actually YOUNG, he was dragging me down the street. :-) Or trying to -- he doesn't actually have the weight to back that up..........

When he was in his prime, he oscillated between dragging me and sniffing.

Now, at 15.3, he mostly dawdles along, sniffing.

He can move faster, when he wants to. When it was really cold out, he'd turn tail and RUN home as soon as he'd pooped. I had to trot to keep up with him. It made me laugh every time. :-)

Jeanie said...

I remember when I used to put Stimpy and Gypsy on a leash (not together). Stimpy walked like a champ, though not particularly aerobically. Gypsy, on the other hand, spent more time rolling around on his side! Is "Murder Must Advertise" Peter Wimsey? I loved those books and haven't read them in years!

I need orange said...

I've never tried to walk a cat on a leash.... :-) Up to about three years ago, I used to take Burt on my walk. But then he got so pokey that I wasn't getting any exercise, myself.

So that's when we switched to having *his* walk, and *my* walk. His is at his pace, and for his distance. And mine, for mine.

Yes, Lord Peter, my all-time fave. I reread them every so often, and enjoy my favorite bits every time......