Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 7


Gorgeous skies, on the 7th!

Almost all of the snow was still present.

He doesn't like wet feet, and he really doesn't like insecure footing.  Who can blame him.

He has the idea that the palest places are the most secure.  Sometimes that's true, and sometimes it's not.......

In this case, the snow is definitely better footing than the ice.

The river channel at the end of our driveway.  A cool (and harmless!) demonstration of erosion...........

This is at the low end of our block.  All this dirty stuff, piled on the cleaner stuff, is evidence that the front-end loader was here, clearing drains. 

We are all wondering how long it will be before all of this is melted.  The dirty parts are mostly ice, I bet......

Ice is one sort of hazard.  Puddles are another.  This one isn't too deep, and is easily avoided, but some are across the whole sidewalk, and are inches deep.

Love the reflection......  And look how long his shadow is!  His shadow's tail tip is almost in the bottom right corner of the pic.


That night we went downtown to have dinner with friends.

The sky to the west was spectacular. 

This is the ISR building.  Once upon a time, my office was on the fourth floor, on the west side, with a fabulous view to the west....  Then, even after our work group was no longer in this building, my key card still would have given me access to this building, and the sixth-floor areas -- including a view to the west.  Now, I don't have any more access than any other member of the public.

We didn't really have time to go up, even if I'd had access to do so, but how I wish we could have gone up and drunk in that sky....................................

Footing was better, downtown, than in the neighborhood, but caution was still required in too many spots, especially after dinner when it was dark............

If you live around A2, and haven't yet eaten at Mani Osteria, I encourage you to try it.  Whoever is putting flavors together for them does a really nice job.  I've had several things there that I thought were really wonderful (on the 7th, the roasted-eggplant appetizer, and the arugula pizza).  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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