Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 8


I missed several yoga classes, when it was just too icy (or too wet and slushy) to walk to class.  I walked down on Saturday morning for a make-up class.  Walking was treacherous in the neighborhood (the 7th's melt was frozen all over the sidewalks and the street, on the morning of the 8th).

But when I got out to Huron, the sidewalks there were mostly just fine.

I'm guessing the fact that so much grass is exposed is evidence of the amount of salt that was applied to this pavement..........

And the non-slippery-ness is more evidence of same.

Notice how low the snow is, between the sidewalk and the street, and how dirty.  What the plows don't deposit on these lawn extensions gets thrown up by passing vehicles....

My yoga teacher, Laurie Blakeney, is a rock star amongst Iyengar yoga teachers.  She travels often on the weekend, giving seminars and workshops in other parts of the country.

The sub we had on Saturday was a man.  That's the first time I've had a male yoga teacher, so the same part of my brain that kept being surprised to see shorts in the laundry was surprised that there was a man teaching the class.  He was nice, and did a good job with the class, I thought.

That part of my mind that keeps track of what's usual (and raises a flag when something is not usual) really got a work out that morning.  There was a man in the class whose hair and beard are verrrrry similar to those of my brother (and his build was similar, too).  My brother lives in Kansas -- how could he show up in my yoga school???  I kept seeing the man out of the corner of my eye, and thinking "??????"

After I got home from yoga, we went to the grocery.

More nice bouquets!  Love all the different textures!


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