Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 19 -- the rest of the day


After the Deli and the farmers' market, we headed out to the library and the grocery.  It was a beautiful blue day.

You can't always see all four trails.........

And now for something completely different -- texture on the ground -- parking lot markings.

Bouquets at Busch's.

Zingerman's Bakehouse only makes hot cross buns at this time of year.  I didn't buy a whole pie-box full, but I got one for each of us.  They are tasty, as well as cute.

Walking in the late afternoon.  I wanted to show you the green grass, the bright light on the sidewalk, the dark shadows of the trees, and the way this part of my mile loop goes up and up and up............




Jeanie said...

Bet the hot cross buns were delicious! And those flowers are fabulous! They just sing spring!

I need orange said...


Yes, the hot cross buns were really good. That's not the kind of thing I would gravitate toward, but they intelligently had tastes out for us, and having tasted them, and knowing they were only available last weekend.... :-)

The people who put together the bouquets for Busch's do a good job, don't they? I'm very appreciative of their time and trouble!