Friday, April 25, 2014

April 19


We had breakfast at Zingerman's Deli.  We often have Saturday breakfast there, and we almost always get a pastry.  This time we had farmers' hash (vegetarian mixed veg, with deep-fried onions on top) and French toast.  They were very different (savory/sweet, etc.) and both were really good.  (We were so busy eating that no pics were taken.)

Then we did our shopping, which was a good order of business -- we were able to walk right in, and there was a big line after we were finished eating.  We were glad we decided to eat first!

I don't know why I was so taken with the (formerly hot) cross buns in the pie boxes, but I was.  They had samples of the buns for us to taste, and they were yummy.

I don't know why this is blurry; I'll have to try for a better pic another time.  But I love this concept so much I had to show you despite the blur.  Wild oats.  On motorcycles.  :-)

We did our farmers' market shopping after we ate, too.  The market was transformed -- it looks like a summer market now, rather than a winter market.  Lots of flowers.  More vendors.  More customers.

Lots of coleus!

I've never seen this before!  Black pussy willow!  Up close and personal like this it looks purple, but in person, it looked black.  The vendor told me it was pussy willow, "just a different variety."

Ranunculus, I think.

I've seen this scooter here, before, but I'd never looked closely at it.

Now you know what Batman is driving these days.

My family went on as I was photographing the updated Batmobile.

I've taken many, many pics of these two, and I plan to take many more.......



Jeanie said...

The farmers market is in full fettle! Looks wonderful! And breakfast, too! I've never seen a black pussy willow, either!

I need orange said...

Yes, the transformation in the market, from the 19th to the previous week was amazing!

We don't usually eat a "cooked breakfast" there. We almost always have a pastry. But the things we had were so good. We may do it again soon!

It seems that only the one vendor has the black pussy willows. At least so far........... I suppose it takes a while to grow a woody thing like that to a point where you can harvest a lot of twigs and branches......