Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 8


Early-morning sun, reflected by wet street.

This time he was awake when I started,

and fell asleep as I was taking pics.

Walking, late afternoon.  It wasn't really this dark.  This is the camera doing its best to make sense of a very bright sky and very dark trees.


Winter aconite!

Blue sky.  Not too much wind.  Hooray.

This pile of snow was probably working on 2' tall.  It was in a pretty shady place.



Jeanie said...

The flowers are great. Sweet Bert -- they just don't smile on cue, do they? It's a quick glance, then back asleep!

I need orange said...

Very glad to see flowers in the landscape! :-)

And yes, not much interest in posing for the camera. :-)