Monday, April 14, 2014

April 9


Walking to yoga.  Clouds over West Park.

Ok, the color both of these pics is pretty odd.  No thanks, Blogger, for messing with my pics!  Please (please, please, please) just leave them as I have them!  Sheesh!

The pond in West Park isn't very deep.  I saw something on the weather channel, back in February, maybe, talking about how the snow over the ice on shallow ponds or lakes might result in a lot of fish-kill, as there wouldn't be much light getting through to enable any plants down there make oxygen for the fish.

This pond is neither big nor deep, but its resident goldfish seem to have weathered the very cold, very snowy winter just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I wonder about the muskrat. 



Jeanie said...

Those fish look like they're rocking it! Glad they survived.

I need orange said...

The water was really clear that day. I've never seen so many fish in there. I was sure there were lots, but hadn't realized there were this many!

At least they can't get from this pond into the river (I mean -- I hope they can't!)..... Exotic species and all.....