Saturday, May 03, 2014

April 26 -- the rest of the day


Well now.  You don't see this every day.  Especially not on Saturday....... 

Remember, a couple of days ago, I showed you cone reflections on a wet street?  We were wondering why there were cones there.......  Now we know someone wanted the concrete truck to be able to get close to the place where they were replacing the sidewalk.

A closer crop of the above.  After spending a few months learning about Roman architecture, much of it made of concrete, I'll never think of concrete in quite the same way.  I wish the prof had spent more time on exactly how the Romans built things, with no cement trucks, and no cranes, and no power tools.  Or -- I wish she'd provided us with a lot of supplementary material on the nitty gritty about Roman construction techniques.

Looking west out the upstairs bathroom window.

On the 26th, I found my first crow feather of 2014.  And I realized that I hadn't shared my current book.  Anne of Green Gables is one of books I most enjoy walking with.  I read it every year.  This is a later Anne -- Anne of the Island.



Interesting clouds.


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