Sunday, May 04, 2014

April 27


UPDATE to mystery flower posted at 2:28 pm EDT 5/4/14

Sleepin' in the sunshine.

Note tongue.


Alas --  most of the forsythia is pitiful this year.  I'm blaming the cold winter.  This little bunch of yellow was the best part of this shrub -- most of its branches were bereft of bloom.

Tulips.  Really, really RED tulips.

I don't know what this is, but I love the shapes.

Another look at the mystery pink stuff.  The old flowers are purple/blue.  The plant isn't more than 6" tall, and the leaves are speckled.  And the bud-holder thingies are hairy (are those sepals?  The sepals I remember learning about in school were separate, like petals....  Though I suppose petals aren't always that separate, are they....).

Joyce has identified this as pulmonaria.  I agree -- the pic at the Bluestone page looks just like what I was taking pics of on the 27th.

Blood root.


Looking straight down at the same hyacinth.  The color above is as I recall it.  Below, I have tried to get to what I see above (from what the camera remembered for this shot), with marginal success.






Joyce said...

I think the mystery plant with purple/blue/pink flowers and speckled leaves is pulmonaria.

I need orange said...

Thank you, Joyce. Pulmonaria looks just like the plant I've been looking at!