Monday, May 05, 2014

April 29


This squirrel was eating maple flowers.  This is the only time I've seen one do this.

See its little hand, under its nose, holding the flowers?

I don't know what this yellow stuff is.  Very low-growing.  3-4"?

As you can see in the next image, the petals are shiny, almost like they are coated in something.... 

Species tulips.

Cool clouds.

Violet-covered bank.

Every little purple dot, above, looks like this, up close and personal.

More clouds..............

This shows what the forsythia look like this year.  Mostly bare of bloom, with a few scattered flowers.  This specimen is unusual -- it has way more flowers than most of ts kin.

This is the same cluster of maple-tree flowers we've been watching.  I wonder why the flowers-that-are-turning-into-seeds grow out on those long stem-like thingies..........

The chartreuse bits are growing into the wings that will fly the maple seeds away from the mother tree.

Daffodils, in the hard, slanting late-afternoon sun.


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