Friday, May 09, 2014




It has taken me hours to listen to, and take notes on, the 12-minute lecture in which this slide was found!

At this point, I think I understand all the words (and acronyms) here (except I'm not sure whether KMT is synonymous with HMT or if the K is a typo...............  I know that sometimes K and H are interchangeable -- as with HATs and KATs -- but am not sure they are interchangeable here). 

I believe I have at least a hazy understanding of what the words and acronyms mean, and what the things those words and acronyms represent actually do, and why we care.

I'm glad I'm not expecting to launch myself into a career where I'll need to understand all of this well enough to do something with it!

It's possible that the point of this slide, for the purposes of this class, is that all of this is really complex. 

In which case -- point taken! 

(And, I bet it's actually a lot more complex than anyone suspects at this point, given the speed at which our knowledge about all of this is growing and changing....)


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