Friday, May 09, 2014

May 3 -- rest of the day


The most interesting of the little bouquets at Busch's, in my estimation.  I like the little cabbagey thing (a decorative kale, I bet).

I wasn't aware of noticing all the chartreuse points on its leaves, until I saw it on "the big screen"

Later.  Walking. 

This is a branch on a birch tree.  A smaller branch (which used to reach over the sidewalk, the better to bonk unsuspecting tall people) was removed, and all of this drippy white/orange/very-dark-maroon resulted.  Weird.



Dandelion.  I've never understood why these are vilified........

Fungus near the bottom of a tree.  Maple, I think.......

Looking east.  Clouds and more clouds.

I've mentioned the ravine that runs through our neighborhood.  A couple of sections of it are park.  (The section nearest our house is called "park" but it has no improvements; it's just a woodsy area.)  This park is part grassy fields and kiddy play equipment, and partly ravine (with a wood-chip path through the ravine, and wooden staircase up out of the ravine at the other end).

My daughter and I walked through the woods.  We did our civic duty and pulled a bunch of (invasive alien) garlic mustard.  Alas, there was so much garlic mustard there that what we pulled probably won't have made any difference.

As we approached the east end of the ravine, we spotted this!  Pulmonaria.  Another alien (if I remember correctly from that Bluestone page we looked at the other day), and given how much pulmonaria there was in the ravine, I'm guessing it may be another unwelcome alien.  This image shows only a small part of the it.   We did not pull any pulmonaria.


There were a lot of ants on it.


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