Thursday, May 08, 2014

May 3 -- morning


We went to Zingerman's Next Door for breakfast.  The 3rd was the University of Michigan's graduation. I wondered if these (purple-)blue and gold pansies were in honor of graduation....  There were special block-M cookies with '14 iced on them.  And it was clear that a lot of grads and their families headed to the Deli for lunch after graduation (many grads still had robes on).

After breakfast, the farmers' market.  Hanging baskets.


Coleus.  Not only a ton of choices as to leaf color, but a lot of choices as to leaf size, as well.

The city came by last year and trimmed the trees in the lawn extensions.  The branches of the service berry next door are now too tall for me to take closeups of the flowers.

I was glad to see this one at Kerrytown.  It was plenty low enough for me to get up close and personal with its flowers.



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