Monday, May 19, 2014

May 10


Urban apple.  I didn't get close enough to this one to look at the flowers, but I'm thinking from the habit that it's apple rather than pear.

Farmers' market.  Lilies (and mums) -- hot-house flowers.  Not the right season, here, for these.

Hanging baskets, and note Bradford pears (white, upper right).  I also like the shadows on the sidewalk.

Here you can see the pears better.  This angle, with the blooming fuchsia in the foreground was my daughter's idea.

Closer crop of the above.

This is the southwest corner of my old block.  Tulips and more tulips, and a bit of phlox in the foreground.



Jeanie said...

Nice to see the farmers market kicking into gear and I adore every single flower! Maybe it's really here, that spring thing...

I need orange said...