Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 10 -- the rest of the day



Looking east out of the Pittsfield branch of the library -- enjoying the pond and the wildlife it supports.

Turtles!  I saw five turtles.  This was the biggest one.  Its shell was about 7-8" long, I think.

All of these pics were taken through rather dirty windows, so the quality is not what I'd like.  This turtle, whose shell was 5-6" long, I think, was the only one I saw swimming.  That water can't be very warm.....

Mallard ducks.

I also saw a sparrow taking bugs out of spider webs on the outside of the windows, and many electric-blue swallows swooping away from the roof.  It seemed that one swallow would return to the roof, and another would leave.  I'm betting they are nesting.....

This is another not-very-big pond (smaller in area than the one at West Park).  It's amazing how much wildlife a small pond can support!

Grocery-store flowers.

Old dog on the cowshe, with his shaved leg.

I woke him up, and we went for a mosey.  I was reading The Secret Garden again.  It's an excellent springtime book, taking place, as it does, as the garden (and the children) awaken to growth and flowering.

I think this is the smallest maple leaf I've ever seen.

My better half has been experimenting with the jars of Indian sauces that are available at the grocery.  This is potatoes, carrots, and two kinds of peas in one of the sauces.  Tasty!!!


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