Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 11


I am behinder at this blogging thing than I wish I was!  I'm writing this post about the 11th on the 21st!

After months of everything looking pretty much the same outside, day after day, week after week, snowstorm after snowstorm -- now everything changes every day.  There's something different to look at every time I venture outside.  Which means taking a lot more pics, which all have to be edited and commented on...............

And then these two classes -- either neurobio or epigenetics would be a gracious plenty, and both of them together are ... A LOT.  I just finished the last quiz for last week late yesterday afternoon!  I really need to get cracking on THIS week!


Cleansing breath............................................

Old dog, napping, on the 11th.  Writing this on the 21st, I note he is not napping upstairs this week.  I don't know why.  After being in the same room with me, essentially all the time, he's now choosing to hang out elsewhere.  He comes up, checks out where I am, then goes downstairs.  I wish I knew why.

My species tulips.  Cute little things!

The sky, and the trees, from the upstairs bathroom window.


Crab apple.

I believe this is lamium.

I happened to think of getting a shot of the whole plant.  I like the closeup much better!


I believe these yellowish structures are the fruiting bodies of the moss.  They are teensy (note maple seed at top, for some notion of scale.  Not that maple seeds are all the same size.........)


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