Friday, May 23, 2014

May 11, continued



Isn't this pretty?  So many different flowering trees, the chartreuse new growth, the dark evergreen, and the gray and blue houses?

When my daughter was little, there was a big wooden play structure in this park, with a big spiral slide from the top of the structure.  My kid could climb all the way to the top of that structure before she could walk.  She wore overalls, and I climbed right up behind her, holding the overall straps.  She never fell, but if she had, I'd have had her.  Taking care that she was ok -- MY job.

But in our litigious society, that structure was A Menace and has since come down.  I wonder how my kid would have liked the much tamer (and, I daresay, more boring) structure that currently is found in this park................  I'm glad we had the cool structure, while she was the right age to want it.

Park, with dandelions and flowering trees.

Dandelions in the park.  I wonder what that little pillar-thing is, at left, below.  I wonder if it's some sort of property demarkation marker?

Note how the trees are growing from below the level of the park.  This end of this park is up high, and is playground and stuff.  The end of the grassy area, straight ahead, is the top of a hill.  You can walk down into the ravine, and there's about as much ravine as there is of flat land, I think.  That end of the park is mostly "unimproved woods," but there is a wood-chip path through it (we walked through there not too long ago), and there's a staircase at the other end, up from the bottom of the ravine to the sidewalk.


See the big bumblebee, bottom (so to speak) left?

Love this color.......................

In Roman Architecture, the huge impact that Roman architecture has had on architecture in the ensuing millenia was a recurring theme.

I've walked past this a lot of times, but only noticed the week of the 11th that the elements here show a lot of Roman influence, especially at the top.  That triangular pediment at the top, open to show (showcase!?!) something round and pointy...........  Here is an example she talked about in class -- the pediment broken to showcase a shrine (which is round, with a pointy top) in the background.

There are lots of fairy doors in Ann Arbor, including a few in our neighborhood.  This door has a front patio, with a wind turbine(?).

I think these are baby locust leaves.

Crab apple..........................


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