Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 17


On the 17th, art-quilter Sue Holdaway-Heys gave a talk and slide show about her work.  I've been a big fan for years, so this was very fun and interesting.

I think these dandelions were my favorite of all...

Love the colors, love the abstraction in the background, love the way she's shown the seeds, and the places where the seeds have come off the plants..................

Here's a closeup.  You can see the stitching........

I love the texture the writing adds to this one.  Can you see the words sewn over the trees and shadows?

Another lovely morning.

With another cloudy afternoon.

Crab apple.

Another crab apple.

This is what's left of the downed tree at the south end of my block.  With dog, for scale.

Look at all the sawdust...........

Hey!  I caught sight of a flash of red!  With black wings!  We have a lot of cardinals in our neighborhood, so a flash of red isn't that unusual.  But the black wings!  Male cardinals are red all over.  The black wings belong to a scarlet tanager.  I believe this is the only one I've ever seen.  Welcome, welcome to the neighborhood!

Here's that white lilac again.  Thank goodness for the gardeners who plant and nurture plants that everyone can enjoy!

Love the chartreuse touches in this closeup........


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