Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 5 -- Walking Willard


Clouds over the neighborhood.

I saw two birds, looking into these holes, and then one went in.

The other stood guard.  Somehow I don't think these openings were meant to let sparrows inside to nest......


I've talked about the ravine that runs through our neighborhood, between Huron and the neighborhood.  In the upper left corner it is just possible to make out the windows of a building that faces Huron.

This is the section nearest my house that is a "park."  It is unimproved -- no paths, no stairs down to the bottom of the ravine.  A couple of times a year someone asks for volunteers to pull invasives (garlic mustard, for one), but otherwise it's an untouched piece of woods.  I see kids playing down there sometimes.  I know there's poison ivy, as I see it up near the path along the north edge (I was standing on the path, facing south, as I took the next image).

A dog of a thousand names -- Willard Burton, Wilbur Gilbert, Williburton, Wibble.....  He answers best to Boo, at this point, though he used to answer well to Burt.  He has good ear days, and bad ear days.  I hadn't known that hearing varies from day to day until I had old dogs.......

Greener every day..........  Lots of critters make their homes in here.

Tulips in front of a house whose back yard abuts the ravine.


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