Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 8, walking me



Maple seedlings (and other stuff) growing out of a stone wall.  I wonder if the maple seeds blew there, or if they were stuffed in there by rodents.........

Most of the seedlings have green leaves, but this one is different.

Sedum, and many maple seeds.  I'm guessing the rodents (red squirrels?  fox squirrels?  chipmunks?) put these seeds here.  There are just too many to have blown here, I bet.

More clouds.

The maple we've been looking at up close and personal.



Jeanie said...

Your world is waking up. Remember making "helicopters" out of those maple things? I'm just so glad to see green!

I need orange said...

I remember tossing them up and watching them whirl down...... :-)

I, too, am grateful for green. Especially when the weather channel shows all that deadly-dry cracked ground in the west!