Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 9


Raining right down.

Crab apple.




Jeanie said...

I know my California friends would kill me but I am so sick of rain. Finally, a couple of sunny days in a row... I'm almost afraid to breathe!

I need orange said...

I am not going to complain about rain, given how horribly, scarily dry it is in the west......... But I know what you mean about being glad to see the sun after a series of gray days!

My neighborhood; my BLOCK were hit by that weather on Tuesday last week. On Monday the tornado sirens went off several times, and Burt and I spent some time in the basement. On Tuesday -- no sirens at all..... I didn't think the weather was that bad, but we must have had some terrible gusts -- very big trees down, all over the neighborhood.....

We were lucky; no damage sustained. Most of the trees seemed to miss the houses, but I heard about one that went right through a house.

As far as I know, no one was hurt, thank goodness.