Sunday, June 01, 2014

May 19


On the 19th I went to the University's north campus, to check out a book I had reserved.  (Retirees are entitled to continued library use, in addition to parking at non-peak hours.)  I had decided to pick up the book at the art and engineering library on North Campus, because there's plenty of parking.

I have parked in the lot behind the Art and Architecture building, and am walking toward the building (to walk through the building, and across the street, to the library).

I wonder if this fancy decoration was on the old art school building.

Walking through the Art and Architecture building.  I like these chairs!

I sat down for a moment, to see if the chair was comfortable.  I liked it for that short a time.  I don't know if I would like it for long periods of time.  I sit cross-legged, almost always, and I bet I couldn't, in this chair.....

Study space at the library.  I never liked studying in the library.  I was always happier in my room (most often cross-legged on the bed).  I note that each of these spaces has at least two places to plug in electronics.....

I got my book, and I went to the grocery for milk.

Now I'm home, walking.

I don't like bugs on my flowers, but this one was surprisingly sharp.  When I can make out their little legs and wings, I'm impressed with my little camera.

Dandelions at the curb.  Shadows.

Closer and closer.

Walking west.


Here's a closer look at what was going on under the tulip.  Hosta at left, and I wonder what that is at right!  I didn't watch it bloom, and now it has these excellent seed pods!  I'll have to try to remember to keep an eye out for this, next year.....

I'm not a big fan of variegated leaves, but I really like these.  Hosta again.


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Jeanie said...

Simply adore hostas. So many different varieties! I have a small hosta garden, as does Rick -- and they need to be divided. It's getting a little overgrown!