Friday, June 13, 2014

May 30 -- botanical garden conservatory, 3


I mentioned stone plants a couple of days ago.  These are less than 3" across.

These are small, too, but bigger than the stone plants.  Maybe 4" tall?

Here's something else that's sorta tree-like. 

A closer look.  The tree-ish plant has fruit........

Still closer.  Note spikes on its neighbor.

Spikes on curvy leaves.  These spikes look positively friendly, in comparison with some we've seen in this room!

Incipient flower.

Another flower, with buds beneath.

I bet there used to be flowers here, and that these empty cups may be developing into fruits.

Goodness.  I really wished I had looked at the rest of this plant.  But I didn't.

Another mise en scene!  Hooray.

A closer look.

Closer still.........

Another hairy guy.

With the agave we came to see, in the background.  Another agave must be on its way to blooming, too.  There are two tall stalks in the upper right corner of the above.

A complete coincidence, that the last pic I took in the desert room showed the agave again.  I certainly didn't notice, when I took the pic.

And now for something completely different -- here's some black bamboo in the temperate room.  I love black bamboo........


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