Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 26


The city has decided that there is enough money in the budget to do a thorough trimming of the street trees (between the street and the sidewalk).

This is a good thing.  I'm glad the city means to be doing a better job of taking care of the trees.  (Though I have to wonder if a company named "we chop" is the best for doing thoughtful pruning rather than removal?  Maybe they are just taking off everything that's obviously dead, rather than doing thoughtful pruning......  I hope this is a net gain for the trees' health and well-being.)

I'm not glad to be home on the day they are on our street.  The chain saws are nasty enough, noise-wise, and the shredder is much worse.

Building a pile of stuff to put through the shredder (which was right in front of our house, at this point)......

Much later.  After dinner.

This is the first rabbit I've seen in our yard in a while.  More than a year, I bet.

We watched it eating.  Dandelion flower stems, which it ate like a little kid with spaghetti -- from one end to the other.  Violet leaves.  Dandelion leaves.

Then it hunkered down and just stayed like this for a while.  Just digesting?  I wondered........

This pic taken through two panes of glass, with the camera zoomed, in low light.  I can still tell it's a bunny, but that's about it.


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