Saturday, June 06, 2015

May 30 -- peony garden, part 2


This one reminds me of some sort of very fancy pastry -- layers and layers of different things....

Our visit to the peonies on May 30 was early in the blooming season.  This is one of the very few plants that were nearly finished blooming.

A couple of tree peonies.  This one is far more yellow than any herbaceous peony I've ever seen.

And this one - my goodness.  Very different colors from the peonies I'm used to.  This one makes me think of a hibiscus.

Now these are more familiar........

Hey!  Look who's here!  These are the same Bernese Mountain Dogs we saw a few weeks ago at Zingerman's!  (I talked to their people; they're the same ones.)

This time I got to pet them.  The first one is friendly, and the second, friendlier.

Ever'body love to visit the peonies.  Or, at least, ever'body love to visit the Arboretum!

Another peony with a lot going on.

The peony garden has laminated cards you can carry around during your visit, to help you find the most fragrant peonies.  (There are other different cards, too, but the ones that interest me are for the peonies that are supposed to be the most interesting, scent-wise.)

This pretty thing is Do Tell, and it smells very nice, in addition to being fun to look at.

Peonies and more peonies!

A closer look at the fringy fluffy stuff at right, above....

This one is thinking about being yellow.  Imagining it.......

Note the orange and gold rhododendrons in the background, upper left.  We'll go visit the rhodies, too.

Right after we admire these nearly-red peonies.


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