Monday, September 21, 2015

Just a quick note to people who record video of other people.....


Just a quick note to anyone who records video of people.....

Position the camera high enough that we're not looking up their noses.

Thank you.

Baffled that a mention of this is even necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't they actually LOOK at their video before they publish it???????????????????????  Can they begin to imagine that someone wants to sit for 15-20 minutes (or more), looking up their nose?  Even if they didn't need a facial tissue?  Gack!  ????????????????  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've tagged this post "online learning" because I don't really want to start a tag for "online learning -- or not!"  But maybe I should.  Eeuwh.



Jeanie said...

I always heard it said that you get the most flattering angles on portraits if the camera is alittle high. We once experimented with one of my two cousins and I -- another cousin shot first on equal footing, then standing on a table about 18" high. We looked five pounds thinner in the latter!

I need orange said...

Interesting! I hadn't heard that, but I believe it.

I have a tendency to hold my chin up (maybe all the time, but I notice it in photos).

I try to remind myself to tuck my chin down -- looks better, I think.

In one MOOC I could barely watch one of the instructors. Not only had he positioned the camera low enough that he loomed over it like the Great and Terrible Oz, but the lighting was so bad that you couldn't see his eyes at all. Just black darkness where you knew his eyes were.........


The "up your nose" comment directed at another MOOC teacher. I don't know who his camera person was (himself, or?) but we were looking right up his nose. I declined. I wasn't that interested in the topic anyway, and to be expected to look up the guy's nose? No. Not happening.

I'm utterly baffled -- really -- don't they LOOK at the video before they allow it to be published????????????????????????

Ah well. THere's no accounting for other people's behavior, and that's the truth!