Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 18


Maple leaves.


Another composite flower.


Also a composite flower.

As I was engaged in taking several versions of the same image, this bee decided to check out the flower I was trying to capture.

In a science museum (I think in Phoenix, AZ), I had an opportunity to pet a tarantula.  It was fuzzy, and I wondered what it would feel like.  It felt like a mouse.  Soft and smooth.

I wonder what the bees feel like.  Are they soft?  Or prickly?

Their wings look so fragile, for all the work they must do.....

Correopsis flowers are beautiful, and their seeds are excellent, too.

We've looked from across the street at these sunflowers and correopsis before (they're behind a white picket fence).  This is the first time I've gone across the street to see them up close and personal.

None too soon -- they are working on being finished for the year.

Tired sunflower.

Closer crop of the above.  From left, middle.  I like the one petal curves around behind another, and I like the abstraction....

Thinking about trying to capture various aspects of sunfloweriness..........

Closer crop of the above -- I like the way the sun is coming through from the back in this image.

Many of the sunflowers here are tall!  (See the bee, coming in from the right?)



Jeanie said...

I do love that fall aster. Fun to see them now! And that shot of the bee and its wings? Unbelievable.

I need orange said...

Love asters.........

Isn't that bee amazing? So glad, when the camera does such a good job of focusing! :-)