Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 18, part 2


I took more pics on the 18th than I've taken on one day since we got home from Chicago.

Hosta flowers.

Another instance of focusing on a flower, and getting a bee as a bonus.

Castor bean plant.

They have large and interesting leaves.  I believe that at least some part of this plant are poisonous.

Blue sky.....

They have re-done several roads along my usual mile loop.  Here's a place where a vehicle drove over new asphalt, and then over concrete, leaving tracks.....

A pair of bicycles did the same thing.  It looks like at least one of them was deliberately making marks....


Closer crop of the above.

Black-eyed Susan, with zinnias.


Japanese anemone.

Closer crop of the above.



Jeanie said...

The detail o the zinnia is amazing!

I need orange said...

I am so grateful when the camera does such a good job of focusing! :-)