Friday, September 25, 2015

lunar eclipse late Sunday evening


This is a really cool animation showing a ton of interesting info about the lunar eclipse that will take place Sunday Sept 27 (starting at about 9:15 in the USA eastern time zone).  Where the moon will be in the sky at what time (time in upper right corner).

All of the info is for Ann Arbor, but I bet if you ask for the info for your area, it can be generated for you.....



Clayton Neff said...

I made one for KC. It was quite easy, and very cool to watch. We should have a great view from the new deck. No trees to the south!

I need orange said...

Very cool to watch, and so much where/when info with it!

We are utterly surrounded by trees. I love trees. But.

I'd been thinking I wished we'd be in our same hotel room in Chicago -- we could walk through the park and watch over the lake............ (For us it's going to be mostly east, and low in the sky......)

I suggested to Bob that we might like to drive up to the top of a parking structure downtown. Then we'd have somewhere to sit... :-)

Hoping for a clear sky!