Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 22


On my way downtown to have lunch with a friend.


Walking home through the park.  Asters and goldenrod.

I saw eight ducks on the pond on my way downtown, but none on my way back.

The water was clear in the pond.  I bet I laid eyes on 1000 goldfish, without even trying.

All of the neuroscience classes I've taken (as well as all of the learning/thinking classes) have emphasized that we are NOT tape-recorders, video-recorders, or disk drives.  Our perceptions are heavily (HEAVILY) influenced by what we expect to perceive, and what we make of what we perceive is even more heavily influenced by our experience/knowledge/expectations.

When I look at the fish in the pond, I do not see the surface of the water.  I do not see the trees.  I see the fish.

The camera, on the other hand................  It records, without *paying attention* to any particular aspect of what is in its field of view.

Here's what the camera saw.

I *pay attention* and what I see is different.

I have duplicated the image and used "multiply" blending mode to get this next image.  This is closer to what I saw, but the trees are way more prominent than what I saw when I looked.

Playing with blending modes.  This is "color burn."  I think it looks like a combination of two images, but it's not....  I think I like it -- the fish apparently superimposed on upside down trees and sky................

Footprints at the edge of the pond.  I have to think these are raccoon feet.  Those long fingers....  Definitely not a dog!  I'd estimate these hand prints at about 3" long.  I'm not sure I'd ever seen raccoon tracks before.  (And I'm not sure that's what they are -- it's just a guess, from what little I know about raccoon anatomy and behavior....)

Asters.  Purple, and white.

White aster; green bee.  Very shiny green bee.


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