Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 16


On the 16th I put a second coat of black paint on my second-hand filing cabinets.  Behind them is the door they will support when the two of them and the door become a desk.

The primed white picture frame in the upper left corner is one of my daughter's very first wood-working projects, awaiting a coat of finish paint.

I used a little 4" wide roller on the file cabinets.  There was more paint left over than I like to waste.

What to paint..........

There is a roll of kraft paper in the garage, left from some stenciling sessions.  It is at least 30" wide.

I pinned it to an enormous piece of cardboard, and made some really big (for me) marks.  I usually work very small, and it was ... exhilarating ... to make marks with my whole arm.

I made the three big marks, and then added the little fourth one in the upper right.  Still not sure I think that was a good idea.  Someone whose blog I follow painted on the same big canvas every day for the month of August.  I think I would like that -- painting on a really big canvas, with the expectation that I'd paint over it the next day (but with the promise to myself that if I loved it, at some point, I needn't paint over it!).

Finishing the filing cabinets wasn't the only excitement for the day.  We also went to our local megamart.  When we came out with our groceries, this vehicle was parked near ours, helping the driver parked just beyond.

It makes perfect sense that they'd carry a whole bunch of car batteries, in case someone needed a new one, but I had never thought about it.  It's nice that they can help people whose cars are dead, in other ways than just giving them a jump!

The 16th was the first yoga class of the new session.  It's a lot darker, now, when I walk home, than it was in July!

I didn't know if the camera would think it had enough light to focus, but -- no cost for trying!

I have no idea what this plant is.  It's growing at the edge of the pond, in West Park, so it must like to have wet feet.  Look at this spectacular color!

These leaves are big.  If I remember correctly, they are about a foot long.

More big pink things.  Hibiscus.  I think these are interesting in all phases, from early bud, to later bud, to flower, to spent flower (as at left).

The image above, and the image below, are of the same flower.


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