Monday, September 21, 2015

September 17


Our daughter has taken up woodworking.  Some time ago I showed you her first piece of furniture.  This is her first table, made from pieces of wood, without a kit, without even a "recipe."  She looked at a bunch of different books on furniture-building, and figured out what she wanted to do, and made this.  From scratch.

Pretty darn clever and talented!

The table patiently awaited finishing.

At last the time available and the weather (not too cold outside) aligned. The table joined the file cabinets in the garage.....

Here it is, with a coat of primer.

The table's drawer is on the lawn chair, and the file cabinets are keeping watch.



Jeanie said...

Wow -- I'm impressed. I wouldn't think furniture would be all that easy to make. It looks great!

I need orange said...

Isn't it amazing? She took a rec&ed class that was basically about how to use the power tools. She made two screwdrivers (turned handles and boughten "business ends"), two picture frames, and then this table!

It's gotten two coats of very dark brown paint (like the other furniture in our living room), and is ready to come back into the house. I need to put the knob back on its drawer.....

Pride of place -- one of the first things you see when you look into our living room from near the front door. :-)

She's since made herself two bedside tables (similar design) and I think the next project is a dining table!

She's been crawling around on the floor under tables, looking at how the legs are attached................ :-)