Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 22 -- purple asters in West Park


Purple asters are the dominant flower in the park, in the fourth week of September.

Wow!  I never noticed all the curls, until I got this up on the big screen.  I can't tell you if all the asters do this, or if it's just this one plant.  It seems to be rather consistent for this plant, at least.


I'll have to try to keep an eye out to see if I see curls all over the park!

The asters are very attractive to bees.  All sorts of bees.  If I had asters like this in my yard, I could imagine setting up a camera on a tripod, and seeing how many different sorts of bee images I could collect.

See the bumble in the bottom left quadrant?

Another look at the same bee.......

I tried to capture a sense of the multitude of bees -- buzzing, sipping, checking out the next flower...  Beeing....

Any motion you see in this video is probably a bee..........




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