Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 12 -- on the way to Kansas


On the way to Kansas, on October 12.  Approaching Detroit Metro from the south.

A closer crop, emphasizing the repeated shape of the lights.

On my way.  Cool sky.

I believe we left from 277 left.  This is looking west, mostly, at I-275 as it curves toward the airport.

I love it when I know where I am, up in the sky....

Willow Run was Detroit's airport, when I was a kid.

I have water-skiied on Ford Lake.  (A long time ago, but not as long ago as Willow Run was *the airport*.)

I-94 is the way we get to *the airport* (Detroit Metro) now.

As good a pic of Ann Arbor as I am ever likely to get!

Slightly more west, still Ann Arbor.

The house we lived in in 1958-59, the year we moved to Ann Arbor, was very near the Water Treatment plant.  I went to Wines elementary and Forsythe junior high, and the house we lived in for most of that time is in this image, somewhere, but obscured by trees, I think.

Our daughter went to Mack elementary, and our current house is in this image, too.  And there's good old West Park.

I can't remember taking video from the sky before the 12th.  I like the way we moved in relation to the clouds.....

The closer we got to Lake Michigan, the cloudier it got.  It seemed to me that the whole lake was covered in clouds.

Illinois and Iowa were dryer than Michigan.  Love the way we can see the path the water takes.

That is the Mississippi, in the top of the image.

Love how often I can find the places in my "from the air" pics on a map.  My image (above) has a more diagonal orientation, but you can see the big flat area just right of center in the map below.  Thank you, Google!

Hmm.  What on earth is this?

All righty then.  I will let you read for yourself, on the map, what that is.

The hand of man writes large and dark all over the planet.  I'm pretty sure that this is not a good thing......

Almost there.  Here is Kansas City's airport.

A closer crop.

I have heavily edited all of the "in the air" pics.  Between the haze in the atmosphere and the less than beautifully clear/clean airplane windows, my original images left a great deal to be desired.

I have edited toward clarity and contrast, at the expense of color.  Most of these images are WAY skewed toward blue, at the expense of yellow...........


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