Monday, November 16, 2015

November 2


On the 2nd, the jack-o-lantern shark appeared to have caught something......

Interesting sky.

Little baby oak tree.

Maple and oak in/on the carrot (Queen Anne's lace?) leaves.


The ravine.

Cropped and souped up.

Japanese maple.  Note tall cypress(?) at right; we'll look between them at the maple in a moment.

Same Japanese maple.

One last look at the same tree.

Nice variety of plantings in this yard.  I do not know what the shrub at left is.

A closer look.  I think it might be a dogwood?

More excellent foliage.  Ivy, and Japanese maple, with weathered copper.


Ginkgo and Japanese maple.

Looking up and ginkgo.


Do not know what this is.  It is bright! 


Japanese maple.




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